Grand Austria Hotel

Book a Room at the Grand Austria Hotel!

Mayfair Games, “Grand Austria Hotel” by designers Virginio Gigli and Simone Luciani puts you into the role of a hotelier in early 20th century Vienna. During the game you’ll be keeping your kitchen well stocked, hiring additional staff, catering to guests in your cafe, and racing to prepare rooms for them, all the while keeping […]


Historia – Epic Sweep in Half the Time

Given the nature of most Civilization board games, their mechanics, and the implicit complexity of portraying all of human technical and cultural progress on bits you can fit into a box, game designer Marco Pranzo has done quite well with “Historia” from The typical time investment in many (of the greatest) civilization games is […]

mission red planet, board game

Mission: Red Planet Revised

A re-implementation of Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti’s “Mission: Red Planet” by Fantasy Flight Games has taken a game that was already awesome and managed to make it even better. Most notably, there are new action cards and revised mission and discovery cards. The discs representing the astronauts have been substituted for plastic figures. The […]

Instanbul – A Merchant’s Strategy Game

You might not be able to go back to Constantinople*, but Pegasus’ strategy game, “Istanbul” will challenge your trading game prowess as a merchant in the grand bazaar of the old city, as you skillfully manage your business and your assistants in a race to collect the most wealth. Istanbul’s playing area is comprised of […]