theros beyond death, release event

Join us at Double Dane Games at the Central Square Mall in Grand Rapids, Mn every Friday at 6pm for a night of Magic the Gathering!

This Friday we’ll launch into The Theros Beyond Death release with two Booster Draft events back-to-back!

The cost for each draft is $16 (Prize support is 1.5 packs/player).

The mall will be closed at 8pm. So, if you’re planning on attending only the 2nd Event, please use our back door on NW 5th street (ring the buzzer).

Booster Draft
Booster Draft is a format where players build their decks from a limited pool of cards distributed via a draft. Each player (seated randomly at a table in groups of eight) will open a booster pack from the current drafting format, choose a card and place it face-down on the table. The rest of the pack is then handed to the player on the left. Once all cards are chosen, players are given a minute to examine them. After that, another booster pack is opened with drafting now proceeding to the right. Again, cards are chosen and a short assessment is made before opening and drafting the third and last pack, drafting to the left. In the end, each player will have 45 cards to construct their deck. Minimum deck size is 40 cards plus as many basic lands as wanted. Any cards drafted may optionally be used in a sideboard.

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Fri, Jan 24th
6:00 pm - 11:45 pm
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Double Dane Games, LLC


Double Dane Games, LLC
201 NW 4th Street
Grand Rapids, MN 55744 United States
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