Very happy to be inviting all of you to join us on September 29th at Midnight, Noon, and 5pm for the much anticipated Prerelease for Guilds of Ravnica! This will mark the 79th MTG expansion and a week later we’ll be rotating out four sets during the official release: (Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, Amonkhet, and Hour of Devastation).

The first event begins at Midnight after FNM. The mall will be closed at this time, so if you’re arriving after FNM, please use our back door on 5th street (ring the buzzer). The mall will be open during regular business hours on Saturday.

Cost for each event will be $25. We will have a limited amount of prerelease packs available. So, prepay/register if possible.

Unlike previous prerelease events players will have a choice of five different packs, each based on one of the of the legendary Ravnican Guilds. Preference will be given to preregistered players first and the format will be Sealed Deck.

Prize support is pack per win.

Prerelease packs will give you an early look at the new set, with 5 Guilds of Ravnica booster packs and one booster pack seeded with 15 cards from one of the Guilds, including 1 semi-randomized, date-stamped, rare or mythic rare foil promo card from the featured guild. They also contain a guild themed spindown life counter.

Here’s a quick rundown of the guilds you can choose from:

Selesnya {G}{W}
The Selesnya Conclave is about preserving nature via collective unity. They are described by some as a selfless, spiritual organization, and are regarded as a dangerous nature cult by others. They will feature the returning mechanic, “Convoke” that allows you to tap creatures to help pay for spells.
Guild Leader Card: Trostani Discordant

Boros {R}{W}
The Boros Legion are righteous zealots who police Ravnica and form its standing army. The legion brings a new keyword ability to the battle, “Mentor”. This is used to strengthen attacking creatures with less power.
Guild Leader Card: Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice

Izzet {U}{R}
The Izzet League are in charge of Ravnica’s civic works and infrastructure. They are driven by the search for knowledge and are willing to preform sometimes madcap magical experiments to sate their interests. They will be recasting spells from the graveyard with the new “Jump-Start” ability.
Guild Leader Card: Ral, Izzet Viceroy

Golgari {B}{G}
The Golgari Swarm have merged the life and death cycle with their necromantic magic. They seek to control Ravnica by slowly and inevitably building the power and number of the swarm. They feature the new “Undergrowth” ability, providing scaling effects based on the number of creatures in the graveyard.
Guild Leader Card: Vraska, Golgari Queen

Dimir {U}{B}
The secretive Dimir manipulate Ravnica to their own ends by means of assassination and espionage. They operate unseen and are thought by many Ravnicans to be merely a myth. A new House Dimir mechanic, “Surveil” lets you look at a number of cards from the top of your library and then put them in the graveyard or back on top in any order.
Guild Leader Card: Lazav, the Multifarious

More info on the guilds and their mechanics:

Don’t forget to preorder your booster box for the new set. You’ll not only get a 16/16 Impervious Greatwurm card not found in booster packs but you’ll be able to pick up your box at the prerelease, a week ahead of the official release!


September 29, 2018
12:00 am - 4:00 am
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