New Bedford

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By 1848, the city of New Bedford in Massachusetts had become the most powerful city in the whaling industry and was soon to be one of the richest cities in the world. Whale oil exported from New Bedford helped to fuel the world and, eventually, usher in the Industrial Revolution; in time, it would be referred to as “the city that lit the world”.

In 1841, Herman Melville sailed out from New Bedford working as a whaler on the ship Acushnet. His experiences in whaling eventually lead him to write the novel Moby-Dick. It was published in 1851, and New Bedford is the initial setting for the novel.

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Set in the mid-1800s, the age of whaling, new Bedford gives 1 to 4 players the chance to build the Massachusetts town of the same name into a thriving community. Gather resources to add buildings with new actions, and launch ships to go whaling. Go out longest for the best choice, but wait too long and the whales become harder to catch. And don’t forget to pay your crew when ships return! Carefully balance risk management and timing to earn the most points in this medium-weight worker placement and resource management game.

1–4 Players
30–60 Min
Age: 12+

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New Bedford

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