The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine

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Astronauts wanted! The scientific community is abuzz over signs of a mysterious planet located at the edge of our solar system. But despite all of their efforts, so far they have been unable to provide substantial evidence of its existence. Join this exciting space adventure to find out if the theories are just science fiction or if you will discover Planet Nine. In this cooperative trick-taking card game, you need to complete 50 different missions as you travel across the solar system. But you will only succeed if you can work together as a team. To master the challenges and achieve your mission, communication will be essential — but in space, things can be more challenging than expected. It’s not just who wins the hand but also how the hand is won that makes all the difference.

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This is a new, cooperative trick-taking card game Designed by Thomas Sing and first released in Germany in 2019. With the English edition just out a lot of great reviews are following, especially for fans of traditional trick taking games, like hearts and spades.

Here the competitive aspect of those games is turned on its head as players work together to make sure a certain player (or players) win tricks (for example) in a certain order, or in variety of win conditions. The game also offers some innovative player communication methods (because, just like in standard trick taking games, you can’t see the hand of the other players) and engaging team-work mechanics.

With 50 different missions that change the style and difficulty of game play, this is one game that will present a HUGE array of fascinating puzzles for your team of astronauts to best. It also plays quickly. You can get in a single mission in under 30 minutes. Chances are though, if you like trick taking games you’ll be blasting off to explore planet nine time after time at the sound of the inevitable, “Let’s go again!”

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The Crew Gameplay Runthrough

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