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Open Board Game Day

Bring your favorite game (and some friends) into the store or come on in and try out one of our many demo games! A partial list of our demo games: 7 Wonders Axis & Allies Carcassonne Covert Cribbage DC Deck Building Game Grand Austria Hotel Historia Imperial Assault Lords of Vegas Lotus Mice and Mystics […]

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Mission: Red Planet Revised

A re-implementation of Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti’s “Mission: Red Planet” by Fantasy Flight Games has taken a game that was already awesome and managed to make it even better. Most notably, there are new action cards and revised mission and discovery cards. The discs representing the astronauts have been substituted for plastic figures. The […]

Instanbul – A Merchant’s Strategy Game

You might not be able to go back to Constantinople*, but Pegasus’ strategy game, “Istanbul” will challenge your trading game prowess as a merchant in the grand bazaar of the old city, as you skillfully manage your business and your assistants in a race to collect the most wealth. Istanbul’s playing area is comprised of […]