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Magic: Planeswalker Weekend

The Double Dane Games Planeswalker Weekend event will be held Saturday, May 25th. Starting at around 1pm we’ll be holding a special Sealed event for War of the Spark. It’s a great way to boost the size of your card collection while exploring the fundamental strategies of the new set. Cost is $30. As you […]

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Magic: Draft Weekend

For those of you that didn’t get enough War of the Spark drafting in during Friday Night Magic, we’re continuing the madness on Saturday! At 3pm we will host an additional draft featuring a Bolas’s Citadel promo card for each participant! Cost is $15 and additional prize support will be determined by event attendance. New […]

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Magic: War of the Spark Prerelease

We’re very excited to be inviting all of you to join us on April 27th at Midnight, Noon, and 5pm for the much anticipated Prerelease for War of the Spark! This most ambitious of magic sets features 36 Planeswalkers (all new – no reprints) and each booster pack will contain one of them. The first […]