You are in the South American highlands, somewhere between the mountain ranges of Bolivia and Peru, where the altitude of more than 3,000 meters imposes tough demands on the people to utilize the scant vegetation for their needs.

The inhabitants thrive by fishing in Lake Titicaca, mining ore, breeding alpacas, and trading goods that they produce from these resources. But the resources are limited and will eventually run out, so you’ll need to build new production facilities and find new sources of income, like cacao.

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Build roads to speed up your development and store goods in your warehouse so that you are able to survive the hard times that are not uncommon in this particular barren region. If you plan cleverly and are flexible enough to adapt yourself to the rough conditions of the Altiplano, you will have the highest yield in the end!


  • 7 Location tiles and 5 Road markers
  • 5 Player pawns and 15 Carts
  • 56 game cards and 28 Extensions
  • 1 Scorepad and 50 Coins
  • 209 Goods tiles and 7 Role tiles
  • 5 Scoring overviews and 1 Extension strip
  • 1 Start Player marker and 5 Cloth bags
  • 5 Containers and 5 Warehouses
  • 5 Action boards and 1 Rulebook
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Man Vs. Meeple: Altiplano

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