Bora Bora


Set sail for the South Pacific! A roll of the dice will seal the fates of the indigenous peoples of the mysterious island world of Bora Bora. Settle your tribes, build huts, send priests to the temples with offerings, and more to complete assigned objectives and score victory points in this serious strategy game with a tropical twist.

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Gods, Goods & Greatness. The mysterious island world of the South Pacific awaits. Build huts and settle them with the men and women of your tribe. Send priests to the temple and make offerings to worship the Gods. Strive for enormous prestige and even greater power. A grand strategy game by popular author Stefan Feld for all who enjoy a long, challenging evening of gaming.
How to Play:
1. All players simultaneously roll their sets of 3 dice, then take turns playing 1 die per turn to carry out actions aimed at populating 12 regions on 5 different islands.
2. Play continues as players expand from their player boards to the game board, completing unique tasks drawn at random each game.
3. After 6 rounds, each player is awarded victory points for goods placed, placement, and completion of tasks. The player with the most victory points wins the game.
1 game board, 4 player boards, 250+ tiles, 100+ wooden pieces, 60 cards, 12 dice, detailed colored instructions
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Rahdo Runs Through: Bora Bora

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