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Ganymede is a competitive development and tableau-building game for 2 to 4 players. It plays in abouut 10 minutes per player.

Designed by Hope S. Hwang (Guildhall) and illustrated by Oliver Mootoo, players manage space faring corporations specialized in transporting inter-solar settlers to Ganymede, where a launch site is located. These Ships will lead the Settlers to far distant planets of the galaxy … To do so, You will recruit settlers on earth, use shuttles to transport them to Mars, then on to Ganymede. The game ends when a player has launched four colony ships into space. Players score Victory Points from their launched ships and from their reputation track.

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Ganymede’s unique polygonal artwork graces the game’s space theme with interesting location artwork that is evocative of strange new worlds. It lends a minimalistic, icon based approach (there is no text on the cards), to a sci-fi theme that hovers very nicely on top of the game’s mechanics, complementing them with an ostensive simplicity. However, beyond the known planets lies a very enjoyable game of drafting and set collection that challenges you for the most efficient action selection and timing. Like engine/tableau building games such as “Splendor” or (for example) “Race for the Galaxy”, this game often rockets up slowly and then blasts off to the end game quickly. Owing to this (and due to its relatively quick playing time) it has the addicting quality of a game you want to play again immediately.

With its light to medium weight complexity, Ganymede gives you interesting, intuitive decisions to make without overwhelming you and is easy for new players absorb. So, prepare your shuttles for boarding and embark for worlds unknown!

Number of Players: 2-4
For Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 20–40 Min

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Ganymede (Meeples in Space!) Review

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