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The mighty Zeus has become displeased with the amount of faith the people of Greece have been showing, and he has decreed it’s time for a display of power. In Monstrous, you’ll take on the role of a Greek god throwing down Monsters on the mortals to earn back some divine faith. Make strategic choices and master your technique to become the most respected and feared God in the Heavens.

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In Monstrous, players take on the role of Greek gods who have decided to show a display of their power to the mortals on Earth. By throwing famous mythical Monsters onto the city states of Greece, players will do battle with each other, control different locations, and earn the Faith of the humans. Monstrous is one of the most strategic dexterity games ever designed. You’ll have to consider which Monster to throw and where you want them to end up… and once you’ve made those decisions, you still have to stick the landing. It’s an all-out war for the hearts and minds of the Greeks. Only the god who has shown their mental and physical prowess will earn the Faith of the people and win the game!

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