Dinosaur Island

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Several years ago, scientists discovered a way to clone dinosaurs from viable DNA preserved within the fossil record. After a few mishaps along the way, the process has stabilized. Today, it’s the museums that have gone practically extinct, as shrewd investors have turned those initial dinosaur sanctuaries into bustling theme parks, true meccas for dino fans the world over.

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In Dinosaur Island, each player takes on the roe of a park manager at one of these premier destinations, You’ve been handed the reins to a burgeoning operation – bring the fantastic creatures of the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods forward into the modern day. Early retirement is yours if you can makr your park bigger and better than the competition!

It won’t be a walk in the park, though. You will need to hire the right personnel, beat your competitors to perfecting the hottest dino recipes, and gamble on which attractions will draw the most visitors. And it’ll all come crashing down if your security precautions aren’t tight enough to keep your unruly dino population under contol. Welcome to Dinosaur Island!

Do you go big and create a pack of Velociraptors? They’ll definitely excite potential guests… but you better make a large enough enclosure for them. And maybe hire some (read: a lot of) security. Or they WILL break out and start eating your guests—and we all know how that ends. You could play it safe and grow a bunch of herbivores… but then you aren’t going to have the most exciting park in the world (sad face). So maybe buy a roller coaster or two to try and attract guests to your park the good old fashioned way?

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