Space Park


Ride a rocket to extraordinary destinations across our galaxy. During your travels you will gather exotic crystals that further our understanding of what’s out there. Use these crystals to complete exploration badges and turn them in at the mysterious Outpost 13 to prove yourself as the galaxy’s next great space explorer!

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From the designer of PARKS comes Space Park, a game about riding rockets around the galaxy exploring exotic destinations, collecting crystal, and earning badges so you can brag to all your friends that you are the greatest explorer in the galaxy.

Space Park features a modular board where seven destinations are randomly arranged to form a circle between players. During a player’s turn, rockets will be on three of the board’s seven destinations. These rockets symbolize what destinations are available for a player to travel to. Once a player travels to a destination by performing its action, that rocket moves to the next open destination clockwise.

Destinations feature actions such as gaining a certain type of crystal, acquiring a new badge to work toward, turning in your crystals for Explorer Points, or using your trusty explorer-bot Scout to help out. The player with the most Explorer Points at the end of the game wins.

Easy to learn gameplay!

1-4 Players, 20-30 Minute play time

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Spacepark by Keymaster Games!

How to Play Space Park

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